Why Competition Sucks: To Outdo or to Over-deliver?

I know there are school of thoughts that would give you 101 reasons why you should always study your competition before launching your brand… One reason they would often mention is for you to be able to do your stuff differently and stand out… Why this may sound like a Read more about Why Competition Sucks: To Outdo or to Over-deliver?[…]

Your Idea is about to Expire

Oftentimes as creatives, the excitement of an idea and the fear of the idea being accepted, could get us into the over-analysis mode, where we keep brainstorming, fine tuning, tweaking, tweaking, fine tuning, brainstorming again and again, without getting the idea out to the world. But here is a shocking Read more about Your Idea is about to Expire[…]

Wishes, Niches & Pitches: The Echoes of a Singular Phrase

The sudden need to be everything to everyone can be very attractive, as you tend to believe you won’t miss any opportunity trade your skills and talent. So, you blast your profile with an array of things you do, can do, and wish you can do. Your business card for Read more about Wishes, Niches & Pitches: The Echoes of a Singular Phrase[…]

Recognize Patterns, Embrace your Individuality

Few years ago, back in university, I read a book, no,  several books, one of them was ‘Reposition Yourself’ by T. D. Jakes. One lesson I took away from that book, was how you can take yourself from a place of seeming limitation to a place where you know no Read more about Recognize Patterns, Embrace your Individuality[…]


#captionthis I saw this photo on Instagram yesterday and I couldn’t help but admire this amazing couple and also the beauty, sincerity, passion and dedication they expressed in this shot. It got me thinking… “How BIG is your love for WHO you are and WHO you love?” “How BIG is Read more about HOW BIG IS YOUR LOVE?[…]