What's the secret to position yourself as an authority
and make profit teaching what you know?

Hi! I'm Emeka Nwarulor, Big Brand Academy, and in this FREE (PAY WHAT YOU WANT) training, I'll reveal the SIMPLE strategies I have used to position my brand and make profit teaching what I know.

One key way to position yourself as an authority in your field is by empowering others with what you know.

When I started out on the path of personal branding, I read and studied every material I could lay my hands on and still do.

Then I began to observe people who are authorities in their field and one thing I observed about them was their willingness to empower others at every slightest opportunity and how they have created businesses doing so.

So I started my personal branding masterclass online and offline and began to train folks on how to build their personal brand, positioning their brand as authority and make an extra income teaching what you know.

I made mistakes, I hard my hard times; when no one cared to listen, or even showed, but the story is different now...

These class has empowered a lot of folks and guess what?

You can start yours can start teaching people want you know and become an authority in your field.

I have trained a lot folks on these path and I want to show you how.

Now I know not everyone would want to thread this path for different reasons, like;

* My business involves buying and selling, so how is it possible to teach people about it and even make money from it?

* I don't know how to go about teaching people what I know?

* I haven't done this before, how will people will take me seriously?

* How do I create a platform to teach people, when no one knows me?

* How do I package my training, courses or programs in a way that it will gain the attention of people?

If you have asked these questions or are asking these questions above...

Then take advantage of this FREE (PAY WHAT YOU WANT) training.

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