The power of thoughts cannot be over emphasized. I have seen it over and over again become a reality when a man focuses his thoughts on what he what desires. The other dimension is to translate those thoughts into pictures. Getting the picture of what you desire to have and Read more about THOUGHTS, PICTURES & ACTIONS.[…]

Inspiration Monday – The Cracked Pot

I have this strong conviction that everything works together for good. That even the slightest mess, can always turn out to become a message, when we have the right perspective. Today, I want to share with you a story that further buttress this truth. The title of this story is; Read more about Inspiration Monday – The Cracked Pot[…]

Who rocked this stiletto better?

OMG! Who rocked this stiletto better, Jim K or Sim 2? I bet most ladies would have clicked on that title in split seconds, while some are still looking for the link to click in this broadcast. Well, this is not another fashion post about stilettos but about you, progress Read more about Who rocked this stiletto better?[…]