Last week Tuesday, we started a discussion on how some people become a force to reckon with in their field; how they carve a niche for themselves, lead the pack in their field and remain relevant.

I went on to mention that these personal brands go through what I call the “4 Funnels of an Indomitable Brand”

The first funnel we talked about was “Meaning.”

This funnel shapes how you view life, it shapes your perspective, what you do, what you say. It shapes your entire story.

After observing quite a number of personal brands, I find this funnel to be their powerhouse.

[You can read up part 1 for a recap ]

Today, we would be looking at the second funnel to building an indomitable personal brand.

Funnel number 2: MESSAGE

This is as simple as WHAT they do.

They have identified a subject matter and have developed a core message around that subject matter.

A subject matter is simply an idea, topic or information that is thought through and studied in other to provide solutions to specific issues.

Now this is not just referring to those who are involved in speaking or writing, but also those involved in creating businesses.

As you grow and begin to build your personal brand, you now begin to specialize and carve a niche for yourself.

When I started off posting on Facebook in 2011, I posted just about anything, when invited to speak, I talked about anything that comes to mind. There wasn’t any clear objective as to what I was doing.

As I studied other leaders and experts in their field,¬† I soon discovered that what separated them from others, was that they not only had a message, but they had built their message around specific ‘Subject Matters’, in other words, they were regarded as Subject Matter Experts.

So I began to focus my energy on becoming a subject matter expert, especially in the area of branding (personal and business) and human capital development.

No matter what you do, there is always a core message behind it.

It’s your responsibility to identify that message, define it and develop it.

Take a minute to reflect on any personal brand you look up to today, whether they are entrepreneurs or professionals in their field, they have a core message that they have built over the years around a subject matter.

It is so important to understand this basic concept; no matter the technicalities in your business, you are in business to constantly communicate your message.

So here are few points to keep in mind as you define your message.

1. Your message must be tagged around a specific subject matter.

Just like we have different genre for music, we also have different subject matter for different messages. So can your message be centered¬† around, personal development, leadership, relationship, economy, business, politics…? Define it.

2. Create unique topics for your message.

For example, the topic I am using for this series is ‘The indomitable personal brand’.

You have to be creative enough to come up with unique topics that differentiate your topic from others in your space.

3. Bring a unique perspective to your message.

Now this where a lot of folks miss it.

They tend to regurgitate someone else’s idea or thought without passing it through the filter of their own ideology and bringing their own perspective to the table.

Your own perspective to a subject matter is what differentiate you in the marketplace and connects you to your audience.

With a clearly defined message on a subject matter, you are on your way to becoming an indomitable personal brand in your space.

I hope this helps someone.

Let me know your thoughts or questions.

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