I have been sharing the series with you on how you can build an indomitable personal brand, a brand that is not only relevant and sustainable, but also UNSTOPPABLE.

I know I have taken too long on this series, but please bare with me. I will be wrapping shortly.

The first funnel I talked about was Meaning, the second funnel was Message…

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Today, we would be looking at the third funnel to building an indomitable personal brand.

Funnel number 3: METHOD

This is as simple as HOW you do what you do, HOW you get the results.

After discovering your meaning, what life means to you, your ideology and convinctions, your perspectives and truth, the next step will be to discover your message…the visual expressions and representations of your ideology, perspectives, convictions.

For emphasis, please write this down;


That said, let’s look at the third funnel.

Always remember that your focus is to build an INDOMITABLE personal brand in your field, anything short of this is a pure waste of time.

If you are not striving to be the best, then you can as well go and rest.

The third funnel we are looking at is your METHOD.

How do you get the job done?

Your method is your EXECUTION.

For everything that is accomplished, there is a method to which it is accomplished.

Your duty as you journey to becoming an indomitable personal brand, is to become a student of methodology.

“A method is a careful and organized plan that controls how things are done.”

After carefully studying successful personal brands, I discovered that they have all mastered this area of methodology.

They carefully DOCUMENT the processes and principles that deliver a particular result in any area of interest or study.

I once heard Sam Adeyemi in one his messages make a powerful statement, “for every revelation given to you, there is need for adequate documentation.” I find that statement to be very profound.

For example, when I teach on the subject of POSITIONING in branding, I can highlight the processes and principles that can create a strong positioning for your brand.

Let’s look at few brands I have observed over the years who have mastered this art of methodology;

1. Sam Adeyemi:
After undergoing the leadership training at Daystar Leadership Academy, I can tell you for free that that program is an offshoot of someone who documented methodologies especially in the area of leadership.

Just by going through the training manual, you can tell that it has gone through the three funnels; Meaning, Message and Methods.

2. Oladele Olunike:
For those of you who might not know him, you can check him out on his Facebook page Oladele Olunike. He is the current President of Eagles Toastmasters International.

Learning, observing and working with him couple of times during his training, I can tell you he has mastered this art of methodology, especially in the area of communication.

Siting with him one day after a presentation, he said to me, “Emeka, after every presentation I do a Post-Presentation Analysis, to evaluate and document lesson learnt.” This practice alone, I believe has been key to relevancy.

3. Victor Bassey:
I know you know him, but if you don’t, you check him out Victor Ekpo Bassey. He is the founder of the highly acclaimed ‘Highly Paid Expert Network’.

If you are a member of his community, you can tell without any iota of doubt, that Victor is a master at methods, especially in the area of profiting from your message. I mean, he literally knows what and what to do, to get what you want, because he documents everything.

4. Leke Alder:
You all know him, one of the pioneers of the subject of branding in Nigeria. If you don’t know him, you can follow him  Leke Alder

If you study his works and materials closely in different subject matters which he takes, you can tell he is a student of methods. I have gleaned from his wisdom in the area of branding.

5. Maureen Iyasele
Another person worthy of note, which you all should look out for. If you don’t know her, you can check her out Maureen Bello-Iyasele

Having worked with her on some HR projects, I can tell you that she is a woman who has mastered the art of methodology especially in the area of human resource process re-engineering. She is keen on knowing processes that get a kind of result.

I can go on and on, and mention more names, but I will stop here.

Here are few points in all of these…

1. Becoming an indomitable personal brand in your field, means you have to be eager to understand the methods that gets the results.

2. You have to be able to document these methods, because they would become a blueprint for the solutions you would provide in your field.

3. Those who understand these methods in a subject matter are the ones who can easily replicate in other areas.

4. The ones who understand the method, take the lead in their area of expertise.

So if you desire to become an indomitable personal brand, don’t just take things from the surface, go deeper, understand the methods, document it, apply it and then teach it.

The questions I have for you today are these;

– Have you discovered your message or area of interest?

– Have you discovered the methods, step by step approach to getting the results?

– Have you documented those methods?

– Are you applying it and teaching it?

I hope this helps someone.

Let me know your thoughts or questions.

You’re amazingly unstoppable.

Emeka Nwarulor


 Emeka Nwarulor  


I have been sharing the series with you on how you can build an indomitable personal brand, a brand that is not only relevant and sustainable, but also UNSTOPPABLE. I know I have taken too long on this series, but please bare with me. I will be wrapping shortly. The


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