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Hi! I’m Emeka Nwarulor, a Personal Growth Speaker, Author & Thought Leader

I spent the last decade helping leaders stand out with confidence and make lasting impact with personal growth, branding, talent development strategies. Then, in 2015, I dropped out of a masters program, resigned from my job and relocated to Canada to restart my career.

After relocating to Canada, my career journey has been filled with ups and downs, from submitting hundreds of job applications with no interviews, to working in a restaurant, to working as an inventory clerk and almost losing my fingers to frostbite at minus 48 degrees weather in Saskatchewan.

Eventually, I landed a entry job in a retail company and got promoted to assistant manager in 24 months. I moved on from working in retail to landing a talent acquisition role. Sadly, my world came crashing down (or so I thought), when I was laid off. I was devastated, questioned myself, my purpose and my future? What in the world is happening to me?

I realized that it is not what happens to you that counts, but what you do with what happens to you. I decided to take my destiny in my hands. I focused my energy in completing my masters program after completing a human resource management certificate program. I took full responsibility for my personal growth, and went on to became a board director for a non-profit, got an international speaking gig and now committed to helping others forge their path to greatness.

I am a strong believer that personal growth happens by demand not default, to experience exponential growth in any area of life, you must place a demand on yourself, your gifts, talents, skills & experiences to create a desirable future.


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